Revealed: The Top 3 Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner Models

Summer is well on its way and the weather is heating up already. It’s the time of year to plan vacations and barbecues, but instead many of us find ourselves scouring the internet.

We’re searching for the perfect Honeywell portable air conditioner to cool things down a little, and make life a bit more bearable from the scorching heat while indoors.

With so many options on the market it can be quite confusing to find that perfect unit for your home that is both efficient and effective. Well, if you have been reading through countless reviews just to find yourself more confused than when you first started, I can hopefully help!

In this article, I’m going to review the top 3 Honeywell Portable Air Conditioners currently on the market. AC units that you can buy to make your summers that little bit more comfortable and pleasant for you and your family.

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Portable ACs have one unique advantage over the window or central AC units – they are portable. That means you can move them to virtually any room of your house and only need to cool the area you spend most time in. So I’ll be looking closely at just how portable each unit is.

No More Sweaty Offices or Games Rooms

Keep cool in the office

You can cool a small (or big, depending on the power of the unit) area with these beauties quite efficiently without having to pay outrageous electricity bills. A portable air conditioner works best if you have a relatively smaller area to cool. Their small form factor and portability make these units an excellent addition to your home or office space.

There are thousands of reviews of the best portable ACs that you can buy on the internet. And yet, the more reviews you read, the more confused you often become! That’s because many of these reviews are heavily biased and just provide you with technical specifications. However, in this review, I’m going to answer some of the real-world questions about portable AC’s that you might have. Questions like:

  • Will this AC be powerful enough for my office?
  • What is the real-world efficiency of this AC?
  • How fast will this AC cool my room?
  • I am environmentally conscious – is this AC good for the environment?
  • Will this unit last for a few years?
  • Is the warranty any good?

And many more questions just like these. But first let’s look at one very important question…

Why Buy A Honeywell Portable Air Conditioner?

When it comes to portable ACs there are a lot of choices. However, some of the best units are manufactured by Honeywell. They are known for their efficiency, elegant design, and incredible quality. Honeywell is a trusted name in the appliance industry, and they have been industry leaders in offering cooling solutions to homeowners for decades now so you know it’s a name you can trust.

For peace of mind the Honeywell air con units all come with a 1-year parts and labor warranty and 5 years warranty related to the parts in the factory sealed system. This covers everything inside the unit like the compressor, evaporator, and condenser systems and pipework.

Extended parts and labor warranties can be purchased online. Amazon offer 1 and 2-year additional protection which is really good for people who want some confidence that they won’t have to fork out extra money if an issue develops with their AC unit.

Top Tip: Additional protection cover is priced competitively because they know most people only use their AC Units for a few months a year. If you are using the unit for longer, or also intend to use the dehumidifier function that some models offer, then this extended warranty will be even better value for you.

Woman Researching OnlineHow to Choose the Best Portable AC?

Finding the best portable AC can be quite a task if you don’t know what to look for. Although I’m sure that most of you will be familiar with some of the key aspects to look for when buying a portable AC, a little refresher never hurts. So, here we go – these are some of the key points to look for in a portable AC.

The Power Of The Unit

The power of the AC is an important aspect to consider. It is measured in British Thermal Units or BTUs. You don’t really have to know the detailed scientific background of BTUs – just know that the higher the number, the more cooling power an AC has. Portable ACs can vary in their power and the one that is perfect for you depends on what are your cooling needs. I always have a rule of thumb when I choose the power of a portable AC that has never failed me. It requires around 20 BTU power to cool off one square foot of living space. All you need to do is multiply the area of the room that you want to cool by 20 to get the power in BTUs that is required. That’s it, it’s that simple.

Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)

You want an AC that is energy efficient. It’s very easy to determine the energy efficiency of an AC. It is measured by a unit called Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER. Without going into the finer details, EER is the ratio of BTUs to the power input (measured in watts). In general, an EER of 11 or upwards is considered good. When choosing a portable AC look for an Energy Star mark as well. Energy Star qualified ACs consume up to 15% less energy than their traditional counterparts.

It’s worth noting that there are a range of factors which contribute to how comfortable you feel in your environment. It might not just be down to the air temperature. Check out this great article for a list of all factors you might want to look at in addition to air conditioning.

The Noise Rating

Noise is another aspect that many consumers get confused about. Getting an AC that makes a constant high-pitched noise can be very annoying, especially if it is a portable AC. More often than not, portable ACs are used in small rooms and the noise can quickly become a major problem.

Ease of Use

Like any other appliance, a portable AC needs to be easy to use. An ideal unit will have multiple fan speeds, an easy to use remote controller, and a wide and legible display to let you take a quick look at the settings. Although most of the ACs do come with remote controls, some are easier to use than others. Keep an eye on the remote as well when choosing a portable AC.

The Design and Look

The look of a portable AC unit is also very important. These units are not so small that they can be tucked away out of sight. They will make their presence felt in all but the largest of rooms. You don’t want a unit that’s an eyesore. Many elegantly designed units on the market will perfectly complement your furniture and can actually enhance the aesthetic appeal of a room.

Now that we know what to look for in a portable AC let’s dive into some of the best Honeywell portable units that you can buy.

Honeywell MN10CESWW Portable Air Conditioner – Best For Lower-Cost Operating

Honeywell MN10CESWW WhiteThe Honeywell MN10CESWW is the smallest portable AC that the company manufactures. With a cooling capacity of 10,000 BTUs this is an ideal unit to cool a small room or an office space. It has enough power to cool a room around 300-350 square feet with no problem. If you have good insulation and low ceilings, this unit can be used to cool a room as big as 450 square feet as well. This is one of the best portable ACs in its class and is packed with some of the best features that a portable AC can have.

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Great Exhaust Hose Design

This unit features a single exhaust hose system. Although the single exhaust hose system is not as efficient as the dual hose system, Honeywell has done a great job improving the efficiency of this unit. The single hose system makes the unit considerably cheaper as well. The best way to maximize the effectiveness of this single-hose system is to use a ceiling fan to distribute the cool air throughout the room. That way the room will cool off much quicker and the lack of a dual hose system will not matter that much.

Perfect Condensation Drainage System

This model uses a self-evaporating system. This system recycles the condensation to cool the air, not allowing it to accumulate. Thus, if you don’t live in an excessively humid environment, you will not have to empty the condensate at all. This is a great plus for people who find it difficult to lift buckets full of condensed water. Many customers living in quite humid climates such as Florida also have praised the efficiency of this unit but do have to empty their water tanks more often.

Emptying the tank is very easy however, and is just a case of removing the plug at the back and letting the water drain into a small bucket or tray.

Top Tip: If you have to empty the water tank, move the unit to the edge of a small step i.e. a back or front door step. There will then be room to place the container under the drainage output nozzle.

Energy Efficiency

Many portable ACs have a problem when it comes to energy efficiency. They fall short on the EER scale due to the inefficient cooling process. However, Honeywell has done such a great job on this unit that it scores an EER of 11.1 that is phenomenal when you consider that this is a portable unit. If you are energy conscious, which we all should be, this unit will suit you the best.

Portability and Size

The unit is very portable and can be easily transported to any room. I especially like the ease with which it can be rolled on carpeted floors as well. It has to be really. Weighing in at 61.7 lbs it’s not exactly light, but with some of the units on the market weighing 80 or even 90 lbs it is one of the lighter ones. Remember to always use correct lifting techniques when moving the PAC unit around, particularly if you have to lift it up some steps.

Measuring just 15.2 inches deep, 18.1 inches wide and 24.9 inches tall it will not stick out a lot from your wall either. When thinking about how much space it’ll take up remember to leave at least 2o inches for the hose to connect to the window outlet.

Is it Noisy?

Most portable ACs on the market are quite noisy machines. However, this model has a noise output of just 55 decibels, which is nothing short of fantastic. It is arguably the most silent portable AC on the market. Customers have put this AC in their bedrooms and even in their nurseries and can’t stop raving about how quiet this unit is. To understand what 55 decibels sounds like check out this link.

How Does The Design Look?

The Honeywell MN10CES is no design classic, but on the other hand is not offensive either. It’s what I’d call functional.

It comes in a range of 3 colors: white, black, and black and silver. The black and silver unit has a black front panel with a silver casing.

The control strip is on top of the unit on the front of a panel so it’s easy to access when up close and the LED temperature display is easily visible so you’ll know exactly what the temperature is at a quick glance.

Round Up of Additional Features

Washable filters that clean the cold air, making it fresher every time the air passes through the unit.

Excellent remote control that is easy to use. It lets you control all the features the unit has to offer from the remote. This is great because once you set the PAC unit up you can put your feet up and relax without having to get up to change the temperature, speed etc.

Multiple fan speeds so that you can adjust the cooling rate to your liking.

Automatic shut off the system. You can set the timer on this unit so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to turn it off.

The LED display is bold and bright. You can easily see the settings you’ve selected and temperature.

Honeywell MN10CSE Controls

What is Good About the Unit:

  • Powerful enough and able to cool small bedrooms, games rooms or offices quickly
  • Outstanding efficiency
  • Good build with a classic design and choice of colors
  • Excellent customer reviews online
  • Simple remote control

What to be on the Look Out For:

The only disadvantage that the unit has is the fact that it has a single hose system which makes it slower to cool compared to some other double hosed systems. However, the excellent energy efficiency makes up for the slower cooling.

MN10 Final Verdict

This is an excellent portable unit that is affordable and efficient. It is one of the most attractive units on the market that will not stick out like a sore thumb in your room. If you are looking for a smaller AC to cool your bedroom or a small space, the Honeywell MN10CESWW Portable Air Conditioner is certainly one of the best units on the market today.

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Honeywell MN12CESWW portable AC – Value For Money

Honeywell MN12CES blackThe next model on our list is the bigger and more powerful MN12CESWW unit. It has a cooling capacity of 12,000 BTUs that is sufficient to cool a medium-sized room in no time. It is one of the best portable ACs for a large bedroom, dining room or smaller living room. It has a cooling area of up to 450 square feet. Like most of the Honeywell products, this unit is also loaded with some great features that make it an ideal buy in its class.

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Excellent performance

When it comes to performance, this unit is the boss. Many units on the market are big but falter when it comes to real world performance. With this unit, Honeywell has delivered a home run as far as the performance is concerned. This unit can cool a room in no time, and thousands of satisfied customers can’t stop raving about it. No wonder it has such great customer reviews.

Super-Easy Installation

Most AC Units are actually easy to install and need no or some very basic tools. Everything that you will need to install this unit is provided in the package. You will not have to look for absolutely anything else. It takes less than 10 minutes to put the unit together and start enjoying uninterrupted cold, refreshing air.

The unit measures 15.2 wide, 18.1 deep and 29.3 inches tall. This is the same width and depth as the MN10CESWW but just over 4 inches taller. The weight is also more with the MN12CESWW weighing 68.3 lbs, compared to the 61.7 lbs that the less powerful 10,000 BTU unit weighs.

Display, Controls and Design

Honeywell MN12CESWW remoteThis unit is more or less the same design as the MN10CES. Using the unit is as easy as it can get. You can master the controls in no time. With a very well designed remote, controlling this unit is a cinch and you won’t even need to read the manual to get you started. The LCD display is bright enough to see the set temperature, and the control strips displays all the relevant information such as mode of operation and fan speed.

The timer feature allows you to delay the automatic shutdown of the unit from between 1-24 hours. Ideal for giving you time to get off to sleep before switching off automatically to save you money on energy bills.

Partial Self-Evaporating System

The unit boasts a partial self-evaporating system. That means that the condensate is used to cool the air but some of it gets collected in the unit as well. You will have to empty the condensate tank periodically on the unit. However, with the flexible hose provided and an excellent drainage system you can drain the unit in no time.

Very Quiet Operation

Although the unit has a lot of power, it’s quiet when in operation. This is one of the quietest 12,000BTU ACs that I have come across operating at only 53 dbA. Many users of the Honeywell PAC unit report that you can sleep through the noise with no problem whatsoever.

Unit Maintenance

Honeywell MN12CESWW sideviewLike the vast majority of AC units the Honeywell is very low maintenance. You have to wash the filters in lukewarm water every few weeks to clear out any dust and particles that have gathered. This unit has an upgraded M3 Electrostatic filter which work like a magnet to trap more grime and dust than traditional filters. This means you can be confident that the unit is not being damaged and the air is kept clear and clean.

The water tank shouldn’t need changed very often under normal operations. But if it does you’ll need a shallow tray to put under the back of the drainage plug. This can be a bit fiddly so remember to put a towel or cloth down in case of spillages!

Another good idea is to wheel the unit to the edge of a step to give it a bit more space to put a deeper pan or container for easier draining, with less chance of spills.

The majority of users only ever drain their water tanks at the end of the hot season, but you will need to do it more often if you live in a very humid area.

What is good about the MN12CES?

  • Easy to unpack and setup
  • Very powerful and quiet
  • Great energy efficiency
  • Sleek urban look
  • Easy to move around
  • Great remote and digital display

Cons of the unit – what to watch out for

The only drawback of the unit is the fact that it doesn’t have an oscillating fan. If you like a bit of airflow you need to point the unit in your general direction. This is not a big issue as it is, after all, a portable air conditioning unit so can easily be pointed in any direction. It doesn’t affect how well the unit cools the air in the room. A simple solution is to buy a cheap desk or standing fan to do the job.

My Final Verdict

This unit is ideal for a larger bedroom, living room or den area. It’s very easy to set-up and operate, and really low maintenance too. Reliability is good and the unit efficient and quick to cool. If you are looking to cool a medium-sized room in your house, this is certainly one of the best choices that you have on the market just now.

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Honeywell MM14CCS Portable AC – Top For Air Con Power

Honeywell MM14CCSBB_Black_SilverThe third and final product on our list is the super-powerful MM14CCS AC from Honeywell. This unit has a massive cooling capacity of 14,000 BTUs and it is one of the most powerful portable ACs out there in the market. The unit can easily cool a room that is as big as 550 square feet without any problem at all. The unit provides excellent cooling at a great value price. It is also packed with some unique features that make it a no-brainer when it comes to buying a portable AC.

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Power and Performance

The MM14CES 14,000 air conditioner is the top of the line unit from Honeywell and is crafted to perfection. This unit is one of the fastest cooling portable AC on the market, cooling a room of 550 square feet in a matter of just 30 minutes. Many customers report that in a room of this size, the temperature can be dropped by almost 10 degrees Fahrenheit within a matter of few minutes.

Excellent Dehumidification

Another feature that customers like about this unit is the dehumidification capability. This AC is capable of dehumidifying up to 95 pints every 24 hours. This figure is quite exceptional for a portable AC. With this system operating in air con mode you will not have to remove any water from the AC for several weeks, even in moderately humid environments.

However if you are running the unit purely in dehumidifying mode it is recommended that you connect a hose to the water outlet port. This will continually drain the water tank and means you won’t have to empty it manually. Note: you will need a ¾” hose which is not included with the unit. You can pick one of these up at your local hardware store for a few dollars.

Simple and Easy to Control

honeywell portable air conditionerThe LCD display on the front of the unit is just gorgeous. The blue screen flashes necessary information and shuts off after a couple of minutes so you won’t be distracted by an annoying blue light throughout the night. The feather-touch buttons make it easy to control the settings as well. The RF remote that is included is also easy to use, and the settings on the unit are very easy to get used to. The remote shows current room temperature, fan speed, and current mode as well.

Perfect Design

When it comes to powerful portable ACs companies seem to give up on the design of the unit. However, with the MM14CES, Honeywell has made sure that the unit has sleek lines and an excellent appearance. The AC weighs 73 pounds and is very easy to move around the house thanks to the more than adequate casters. The single hose exhaust stretches up to 5 feet which is long enough to reach almost any window. The overall attention to detail and the excellent choice of construction materials ensures that the unit fits perfectly within your décor.

It comes in a choice of 2 color schemes. These are black and black and silver. The size is 15.8 x 19.9 x 34 inches, which does make it the largest of the 3 units.

Key Features and Benefits

  • The unit is quiet. You can hardly hear it even in a small room.
  • Simple to set-up and use. You can be up and running within 10 minutes of unpacking the box.
  • It has multiple modes of operation.

Three-speed fan and multiple modes including AC, fan only and dehumidification: This means that in cooler weather when you just want to circulate the air you can open the windows and use the unit in fan mode. This will really save even more on the already low running costs

Auto shutdown and auto switch on functions: These let you program the unit to switch on or off after a time delay of between 1 and 24 hours. This is great for night-time use or for programming the unit to come on before you come home from work so you walk into an already cool house or apartment.

Summary of what’s good about the Honeywell MM14CES PAC

  • Excellent power; the 14,000 BTU can cool a 550 sq. foot room in under 30 minutes. Handles a small apartment or large open plan living area effortlessly.
  • Excellent cooling capability – at 90° outside this A/C has no issues at maintaining 70° inside.
  • Great build quality and smart, timeless design.
  • Good rollers, reported to work well on smooth as well as carpeted flooring.
  • Easy to use remote with an LED temperature display.
  • Very low maintenance.

What to consider when buying this unit

A small complaint is that the air outline faces upwards. This is good for getting a good flow of cool air into the room quickly but not so good if you want to feel a nice breeze when you are sitting reading, working or relaxing watching TV.

The hose length is 34”. This is fine for the vast majority of people but if the window you plan on venting out of is quite high then it’s worth measuring it out to make sure you have enough distance between the unit and the window.

Take into account that the hose outlet from the back of the unit is about half way up the unit itself so you need to have 4 ¼ ft from the window outlet to the unit for the hose to stretch.

There have been a few really low 1 star ratings on one of the major online shopping platforms. Most are cases of the unit being damaged on arrival and either not working or leaking. I never quite understand why people give units 1 star for being broken on arrival. Lots of things outside Honeywell’s control can happen when the unit being delivered. I know it’s really frustrating to have to pack it up again and have it collected or shipped back but you can’t really rate anything properly until you’ve used it for a while.

Buying Options

As well as brand new units, there are often used or reconditioned models available. These might be a consideration as the unit seems to be very reliable.

My Final Verdict

The Honeywell MM14CCS is a great portable AC. It has an excellent cooling capacity and a quiet operation. It is ideal for cooling a decent sized room and is quite energy efficient. The sleek design makes this unit my favorite high power portable AC.

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Something to Take Home

Portable AC’s are perfect for smaller rooms and cooling workspaces. Honeywell portable ACs are top-of-the-line products that offer great features at an affordable price compared to most central units. They pack in all the technological features that we have come to associate with Honeywell. If you are looking for a portable AC that is efficient, quiet and affordable your search ends here. Just choose any one of the three models depending on your room size and then relax and enjoy the summer!

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