The Best Air Purifiers for Pet Dander, Odor and Allergies

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The Top 5 Best Air Purifiers for Pet Dander, Odor and Allergies

Thousands of people get massive amounts of enjoyment and satisfaction raising and caring for pets like cats, dogs, birds, or even miniature pigs!

These creatures quickly become part of the family, and their unconditional love and affection increases the quality of you and your family’s lives.

However, they do often come with some downsides!

Pets, especially your furry friends like cats and dogs, bring dander and odors into your home which normally wouldn’t be there.

These are not normally dangerous but they can irritate you if are sensitive to allergies.

Luckily there are plenty of air purifiers on the market that can remove unwanted pet dander and smells, leaving you free to enjoy spending time with your furry friend without agitating your allergies!

Below are my independent reviews for 5 different units designed especially for living with pets.

1.) Alen BreatheSmart FIT50 Fur Family Smart Bundle for Allergies, Pet Dander and Odor (White, Fur Family, 1-Pack) at

My top recommendation!

The first thing you’ll notice about the BreathSmart FIT50 is its design. It looks like something that Apple would be proud of! Its simple yet sleek design comes in a huge range of 15 colors from classic white through to bright pink so there should be something for everyone in this range.

The unit also has customisable filter packages each designed for particular home or office situation. This includes a Fur Family pack which is designed for homes that have cats, dogs and other pets.

Unlike the cheaper T500 model,  the FIT50 has a True-HEPA grade filter. You pay more for this as it’s a higher quality filter, but it does come with the benefit of hospital-grade filtration so is definitely worth the extra money if your budget can stretch.

Its 900 sq. ft. coverage means it’ll be at home in large rooms and will be enough to cover an entire small apartment, so you’ll most likely only need one of these in your home.

Alen’s FIT50 also comes with two great technical innovations.

The first is called SmartSensor. This feature constantly measures the air quality in the room and adjusts the unit fan speed, either up if it senses poor air quality that needs to be cleaned, or down if the air quality is good and doesn’t need additional cleaning.

The benefit of this is that you don’t need to constantly increase and decrease the speed, plus it’ll save you money on energy costs and also optimise the filter, meaning you may not have to replace it as often.

The second innovation is noise reduction.

Alen has worked hard to design a unit which creates as little noise as possible on all 4 fan speeds. They do this through careful selection of components and clever aerodynamic design to reduce the two main sources of noise – the motors and fan. This results in a noise range that spans 32.4 dB on the lowest speed up to 48.7 dB at its maximum.


  • A design classic, with 15 different front panels to chose from
  • Filter set specifically designed for removing pet dander and odors
  • The majority of online customer reviews give it 4 or 5 stars
  • Great use of smart sensor technology means the unit optimises energy and filter life
  • Very, very quiet on low setting – almost silent so especially ideal for bedrooms


  • Upper end of the price range
  • Replacement filters are around $80-$120 every 8-12 months

My Verdict

Head over to for more reviews and the latest prices

2.) Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology at

Winix is my number 2 recommendation.

It’s a solid unit packed with features and technology. To start with it has what Winix call a “Smart Sensor”. This sensor is a clever piece of technology designed to detect odors, air particles and light levels and then automatically switch on or off the features of the air purifier unit that are required.

This is great as it saves energy and ensures that you only use the filters when they are required. This in turn can increase the length of time each filter lasts.

The Winix has a 5 stage filtration system for maximum effect. This includes a washable pre-filter designed to capture larger particles of dust and pet hair before they clog up the more expensive and finer HEPA filter. This pre-filter is great for extending the life of the HEPA filter, saving you more in the long term on filter replacement costs.

The unit also includes a technology called PlasmaWave. This technology by Winix safely and efficiently releases toxin-seeking molecules (like those found in nature) into the room. These seek out and disable airborne pollutants, such as smoke, viruses, odors and other chemical vapours. In the process of destroying these particles water and other harmless particles are created, leaving your indoor air fresh and clean.

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