Love Pets but Hate Odors? – Why the Alen T500 Fur Family Bundle Is Ideal for You

When you walk into your home and take a nice relaxing deep breath, you want to breathe clean air. When you have a pet, sometimes that relaxing breath turns your nose up. It may even have you questioning what in the world went on while you were gone!

The Alen T500 Fur Family Bundle won’t let your pets destroy your home’s air quality or odor anymore.

You no longer have to choose between having a nice fresh smelling home that’s allergy free and having a pet. Our pets are part of our family and sometimes you have to take steps to avoid family drama, including those pungent scents and allergens.

Quick pros and cons:

Who Is It For? – People Who Love Pets!

If you have a pet, then the Alen Fur Family Bundle is for you.

This air quality system will have you wondering why you waited so long to purchase it. Your pets may be the cleanest of clean, but they still smell at times and nearly all cats and dogs have pet dander.

Pet allergies are incredibly common and even more common among pet owners, surprisingly enough. It can be really difficult to live with a pet if you have pet allergies. Some people have had to either get rid of their pets or suffer for years with the pet dander. Sneezing, wheezing and coughing your way through the day is no way to spend time in your home.

Who Is It Not For?

This is a little more tough to answer.

Air quality should be a top priority for everyone. The Alen Fur Family Bundle isn’t just for pet owners. It can be for anyone and everyone. On the other hand, if you don’t have a pet you may not need this model specifically.

It has odor and allergen fighting properties that are great for pet owners. If you aren’t a pet owner, you may want an air purifier that has other advantages that suit your needs better.

The Alen Fur Family Bundle Specifications

Allergy Relief

The filter included with this bundle filters everything from dust to dander.

It has a T500 HEPA air purifier. This provides some much-needed relief for pet allergy sufferers. The Alen Fur Family Bundle allows you to keep your pet and enjoy yourself too. It doesn’t have to be an either-or situation anymore.

Beyond pet dander and dust, the filter also helps reduce mold spores, pollen and smoke. You really get an all-encompassing machine with this air purifier.

Odor Fighter

The Alen Fur Family Bundle doesn’t just help with pet allergies but pet odors as well.

If you have ever owned a pet, you know that the odors can be horrific. Cat litter boxes, dog vomit, or even just dog body odor can be pungent and make you dread coming home as well as worried about what people will smell when they visit your home.

This air purifier is special because it contains OdorCell filters.

Combined with odor neutralizing technology, these OdorCell filters break down the odor cells to the molecular level. Basically, the air purifier breaks down the odor so that it doesn’t just mask it but actually gets rid of it.

Stick this baby next to the litter box and you will be amazed at the results.

Does your dog have a bed or corner in the house? Put the Alen Fur Family Bundle next to it and see the results for yourself.

Do you or someone you live with smoke? That cigarette smell can linger around forever. If you use the Alen Fur Family Bundle you can help alleviate some of that smell and reduce the smoky haze in your home.


While this air purifier is powerful, it is also Energy Star Certified.

It goes up to 53 watts on it’s highest speed. It uses a 120V power supply. You can feel good about using this machine. Your electric bill won’t skyrocket either. If that’s not a positive, I’m not sure what is.

Road Worthy

Now that you have your home in tip-top shape air purity wise, you are going to notice a drastic difference in spaces that don’t have one. In the past, that would be quite a dilemma.

Not any more! The Alen Fur Family Bundle can be taken with you anywhere.

It’s lightweight and compact enough for travel. Take it to your hotel if you are on the road. You can even bring it with you to your in-laws so you can breathe easy with their pesky cat.

It’s got a handle to roll from room to room or place to place. It only weighs in at 9 pounds and you can purchase a carrying bag separately if that works better for you. Either way, you won’t have much hassle breathing clean air wherever you go.

Aesthetically Pleasing

The Alen Fur Family Bundle is small.

You probably gathered that by seeing how easy it was to travel with. It’s dimensions are 22” x 6” x 10”. It is a nice slim tower that is hardly noticeable wherever you may put it.

The tower itself has 2 color options: black or white. However, there are 8 different designer details you can choose from including: espresso inlay, espresso trim, oak inlay, oak trim, rosewood inlay, rosewood trim, silver, maple inlay, and maple trim.

You can’t go wrong with whatever option you choose. The Alen Fur Family Bundle is versatile and chic enough to fit in with your decor seamlessly. You will hardly know it’s there.

Room Qualifications

This air purifier isn’t made to suit your entire house.

It works wonders in areas up to 500 square feet. That is still a pretty large space.

As mentioned previously, you could put it next to a litter box or where your dog sleeps. Another good option is to put it in the room you sleep in. That way you can breathe easy through the night.

Another place or space you might want to put this is in your office. If you have a particular smell at work that drives your allergies, or just you in general, crazy, this is perfect! Plug it in and enjoy, or at least get through, your day.


The Alen Fur Family Bundle includes Alen’s Lifetime Limited Warranty.

(For USA only). If that isn’t enough to sell you, then the Allergy Relief Guarantee should!

What do you have to lose with both of those options? Give it a try and if you don’t like it, send it back.

What’s In The Box?

The Alen Fur Family Bundle includes: your T500 Air purifier 120V model (choose black or white), 2 HEPA-OdorCell filters, your quick start guide, and the owner’s manual.

You may think that two filters doesn’t seem like enough for the price. However, customers have noted that the filters last at least a year.

The only reason the warranty doesn’t extend beyond the United States is because if you use a power adaptor or converter the warranty is voided.

Why the Fur Family Bundle?

The Fur Family Bundle is specifically for those who have pets.

The best part about this Alen filter is that if you ever are in a situation where you don’t have pets, you can change the filter to get one that better suits your needs.

You can breathe easily and stop sneezing up a storm every time you have to go to your Uncle’s house and spend the night with his beloved cat. Allergy season doesn’t have to be quite so awful. You can at least breathe easy through the night in your own home.

The bells and whistles are all well and good, but the kicker here is the lifetime warranty. If you buy this and don’t like it or it acts up on you, just send it back and get a new one. It’s as easy as that. There aren’t many of these types of warranties anymore so it’s a great one to take advantage of.

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What We Don’t Like

To every ying there is a yang. There are no perfect products out there. The Alen Fur Family Bundle does have a few drawbacks that should be noted. I don’t think they should influence your decision that much, but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Some buyers have noted there is a distinct plastic smell when you first start using this product. If you have a sensitive nose, that can be an issue. This smell will go after the first few uses and it’s common with any new electrical product.

Other customers have mentioned that the ionizer can act up at times. My first reaction to this would be to use the lifetime warranty and get a new unit.

The Alen company advertises this air purifier as whisper soft. A few buyers have stated otherwise. It may be a little louder than a whisper but there haven’t been complaints of it being incredibly loud, and what people consider noisy can depend on your tolerance to noise and the environment you live in. If you are a light sleeper or get annoyed by noises easily this could be a consideration, but not a deal-breaker.

My Final Verdict

The Alen Fur Family Bundle is an excellent air purifier. It has all of your pet allergy and odor fighting capabilities you could want or need in a machine. Plug it in and see the difference it makes in your life. With a lifetime warranty, what are you waiting for?

My Rating

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