Reviewed: The Winix WAC9500 Pet Air Purifier – Why We Give It 5 Stars

Does your nose sound like a whistle when you breathe? Are you missing out on delicious smells due to allergens?

Then we have the machine for you.

The Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner with PlasmaWave Technology is an excellent choice for all of your air purification needs.

In addition to helping you with pet and seasonal allergies, the Winix can help deter the stubborn odors that overstay their welcome.

From smoke to that burnt pasta you made, odors can make your living space unsatisfactory, to say the least. Let the Winix WAC9500 help make your home feel homely again.

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Why Do We Need An Air Purifier?

We all want, and have a right, to breathe clean air.

There is nothing more appealing to your nose than to inhale a deep breath of fresh air. Unfortunately, when you have a closed-off space, like your house or apartment, air tends to stagnate.

Dust starts to build up even if you clean often. Pet dander and hair accumulate to unknown places.  There is even a potential for mold spores.

Once you finally get to air out your house by opening the windows, you invite in pollen. You also stir up all that dander, dust and potential mold into your air. This can lead to unwanted smells in your home and can also have unwanted health impacts on you and your family.

Not the nicest of pictures, right?

The Winix WAC9500 Solution

Enter the Winix WAC9500. This air purifier has got your back.

It will see you through the stale air of winter to the pollen-ridden air of late spring. Whatever your pollutant is, this unit will fight for you.

Winix have designed this unit specifically for pet lovers who enjoy their dogs or cats but don’t enjoy the sneezing, smells and allergies that come with them!

What is so special about it? Let’s walk through the specifications.

Comprehensive 5 Stage Air Cleaning Process

No more single, flimsy, useless filters that supposedly protect you from all of the havoc that allergens can cause.

The Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner goes all out.

There are five stages to its air cleaning to make sure you are spared the aftermath of hair, pet dander, allergens, odors and more.

The air cleaning stages include:

The Washable Pre-Filter

Washable is the word you want to focus on here.

Anytime you can get a washable filter, you are saving yourself money in the long run. You don’t have to constantly buy new expensive filters that way.

It also captures all those big particles that you might not get with a broom or vacuum (think pet hair or large dust particles).

True HEPA Filter

HEPA filters are all the rage right now because they do such an effective job at eliminating allergens. With a 99.97% capture rate, can you blame people for going crazy over them?

This thing will capture airborne pollutants, pet dander and allergens as small as 0.3 microns. It’s no surprise that hospitals and the military use this standard of filter!

CleanCel – Stops Your Air Purifier Becoming The Cause of Poor Air

This stage is an antibacterial treatment. This is important especially if you are fighting off any mold issues.

Call this the mold fighting stage if you want, but you want your air clean and that is what an antibacterial treatment does.

It also stops mold growing on the actual filters.

The last thing you need is your air purification unit becoming the source of your poor air!

Granular Carbon Filter

You may be asking yourself if this has now turned into a piece of lab equipment. Well, it could be!

The granular carbon filter is your odor control filter.

Anything with carbon usually neutralizes odors that linger in the air. From your smelly golden retriever to the meatloaf you burned in the oven, this filter will take care of it.

You won’t know your pet smells bad until you get up close and personal, and that meatloaf could have been in there for days! As an added bonus, it is also washable!

PlasmaWave Technology

Now we are getting really scientific. Stay with me!

The PlasmaWave technology fights the tiniest of molecules to achieve the best air possible for you. Its job is to assault viruses, bacteria, odors, and gases in the air using the very same approach that nature uses to clean the air high up in the atomospher.

This is one of the best parts about this filter, not even the tiniest of particles goes unnoticed by the Winix.

Simple, User-Friendly Controls

The unit’s controls are really user-friendly.

You have two options: manual or automatic. I would suggest automatic because the smart sensors know what they are doing.

However, if you have a certain aspect you want to focus on, go ahead and adjust your settings yourself. The remote control makes this easy to do from the couch or bed too.

Smart Sensor Technology – Keeps The Air Just Right

The Winix WAC9500 will figure out what needs to be done to purify your air for you.

You can put it in auto mode and leave it be. Odor, dust and light sensors will automatically adjust the Winix to the settings it needs to be at.

This takes the guesswork out of making sure your air is in perfect condition.

Auto-Dim Display

Obviously, you want to view what is happening on your machine. However, at 3 am when you are trying to get to sleep, you probably don’t want a bright screen glaring at you!

The Winix company thinks of everything. They have an auto dim feature that senses the ambient lighting and adjusts the screen accordingly. So you can sleep in peace, free from any distractions.

Cleaning Capacity

The Winix WAC9500 has a cleaning capacity of 283 square feet.

If you are unsure of what that kind of room is, you can use this in large bedrooms and most living spaces. That is impressive for its relatively small appearance.

All of these specifications combine to create the ultimate air purifier. It is no wonder that the word ‘ultimate’ is in its name.

What we don’t like

As with every product, no matter how good it is, there are going to be some negative reviews. With the Winix WAC9500 there are a few drawbacks that are worth pointing out.

Some buyers have mentioned that for the cost, you don’t need the automatic system.

Most buyers have stated that you can simply leave on the high setting so that you can get maximum airflow through the room.

On the other hand, if you are trying to save energy and don’t need the air purifier going at all times, the automatic system might be just what you need.

Some people have reported the carbon filter as being very loosely woven together creating the possibility for particles to come loose.

This is definitely a drawback but there haven’t been a whole lot of claims on this front so it may have been limited to a select few machines being damaged in transit.

Those were the main concerns of buyers. I don’t think that they are necessarily reasons to avoid purchasing the Winix WAC9500 because those issues are minor compared to the benefits and cost of the unit.

Nevertheless, they are valid points to consider and investigate more before you purchase. Remember though that the vast majority of feedback is really positive.

Why do I need it?

Let me answer your question with a question. Why don’t you need an air purifier?

No home is completely void of dust and allergens and this is especially true if you enjoy the many benefits of sharing your home with pets.

If you are living in a pollutant-free home you are most certainly in the minority!

All manner of internal and external sources of air pollution now invade our homes and that’s just a fact of modern life, unfortunately.

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A growing percentage of the population have allergies. Even if you don’t have an allergy to pollen or pet dander, there is a good chance that it still irritates your respiratory system and can be causing inflammation in your body – not a good sign!

So there are some very compelling reasons to buy an air purifier. I think especially with the amount of pollution increasing, it is an investment that is well worth it.

With the Winix WAC9500 Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner specifically, there were many positive reviews. A number of satisfied buyers claimed that:

  • their number of asthma attacks have gone down
  • they are able to sleep better at night due to breathing easier
  • their homes smell clean and fresh, minutes after starting the unit up
  • and the list goes on.

Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Roughly speaking the more money you pay for an air purifier, the better the unit is going to be.

Where do I buy it? has both competitive pricing as well as excellent customer service, and will even get the Winix Air Cleaner to you in record speed (free if you are a Prime member).

I suggest purchasing the Winix online so that you can get it fast but also have the capability of returning it with ease if there are any issues.

The Verdict

In my opinion, the Winix WAC9500 is an excellent air purifier.

From pet dander to pollen, and everything in between, it has you covered.

Its five stage system works hard so you can breathe easy, literally. You don’t have to walk into a stinky house, even if your giant dog has the worst breath on the planet!

With the Winix you get a balance of good functionality for a great value, affordable price.

It has lots of perks but by far the best is making your home just that much more comfortable. The name says it all.

It truly is the Ultimate Pet True HEPA Air Cleaner.

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