Germ Guardian AC4825 Review – Great Budget Air Purifier for Allergy Sufferers?

If you suffer from allergies you’ll know what a real inconvenience living with them can be.

Red stinging eyes, itchy hives on your skin, constantly running nose…and a whole load more symptoms besides which can take the fun right out of your day.

There are many different things which can cause allergies to flare up.

Maybe you suffer from hay fever and dread those warm, sunny days when pollen counts are at their highest.  Or perhaps your favorite little furry friend is the cause of your sniffles and coughs.

Either way it’s totally understandable why you’d want to find a solution to the problem.  Nobody wants to struggle on with allergies, especially if there’s something relatively simple that could help.

One possible answer could be to use an air purifier in your home.

These are clever electrical devices which remove indoor airborne pollutants such as dust mites, mold spores, pet dander and pollen – essentially those things which can set your allergies off.

Nowadays there’s a huge range for consumers to choose from.  But with such a vast choice, how do you know which one is best?

If you’re on a budget, the Germ Guardian AC4825 looks an attractive option.  It’s a great price for an air purifier, but does this low price tag mean you have to compromise on performance?

We find out below…

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Who Are Germ Guardian?

If you search online for air purifiers for allergies, chances are the name Germ Guardian will pop up.

Germ Guardian Technologies are a company which have invented a number of small appliances all designed to improve our living environments, and in turn our health.  These products include UV air sanitizers, ultrasonic humidifiers, and dehumidifiers.

They have several different air purifiers in their portfolio, and the AC4825 model is the one we’re going to take a look at in more depth now.

How Does The Germ Guardian AC4825 Air Purifier Actually Clean Our Air?

The full name of the model we’re reviewing is the Germ Guardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier with True HEPA Filter.

You’d be forgiven for wondering why I’m telling you this, but it’s to give some context to how it actually cleans our indoor air – honest! 🙂

Let’s take the bit about the ‘True HEPA Filter’ first.

What this means is that this particular air purifier is fitted with a genuine HEPA filter.  HEPA filters really are the gold star when it comes to air purification. 

Non-HEPA filters mostly do a great job of trapping large contaminated air particles such as dust.  But in order to eliminate the smaller particles (and the ones which can often trigger an allergic reaction) you need a HEPA filter which has smaller holes in it.

HEPA filters are often used in hospitals and by the military, such is their air cleaning power.

In order to meet the strict HEPA standard, an air purifier has to be able to capture 99.97% of polluted air particles down to 0.3 microns in size.  To give you an idea of just how small that is a human hair measures 70 microns in diameter.  So a HEPA filter is more than able to deal with even the most microscopic of polluted air particles.

So despite the wallet-friendly price tag, it doesn’t look like Germ Guardian have skimped on the quality of filter.  A good start.

Let’s now take a look at what they mean by ‘3-in-1’.

3-in-1 Air Purification System

As the name suggests, the 3-in-1 air purification offered by the Germ Guardian AC4825 is made up of 3 different parts – the HEPA filter, a carbon filter, and a UV C light.

We’ve already had a look at the HEPA filter above.  We know it’s top rate when it comes to removing allergy-causing particles from our indoor air.

The carbon filter gets to work in 2 different ways.

Firstly, it acts as a pre-filter and weeds out those larger particles.  This helps to extend the life of the more expensive HEPA filter.

Secondly, it soaks up unpleasant odors such as cooking or pet smells, and cigarette smoke.  It also helps to remove potentially harmful gases from the air such as Volatile Organic Compounds – chemicals which are given off by many different household items (you’d be surprised at just how many!)

The 3rd line of defense offered by the Germ Guardian AC4825 is a UV C light.

It’s up to you whether or not you want to use this particular feature – it can be left switched off if you prefer.  Without getting overly technical, the purpose of this light is to further sanitize the air and it’s particularly effective in dealing with germs and viruses including influenza, staph and rhinovirus.

The Germ Guardian AC4825 doesn’t have an ionizer, and therefore doesn’t produce any ozone.

So it’s all looking good so far in terms of the air cleaning power of this unit.  Let’s now take a look at other features the AC4825 has to offer.

Key Features of the Germ Guardian AC48255 3-in-1 Air Purifier

First off, let’s speak about room coverage.

It’s so important when you’re choosing an air purifier to pay attention to the room capacity it offers.  If you buy a model which is recommended for use in small rooms but you have a large space you want to use it in it will just be a waste of your hard-earned cash.

The Germ Guardian AC4825 is recommended for use in rooms of up to 161 square feet.  So it should be fine in small and medium sized rooms.

It stands at 22 inches tall and weighs 7 pounds.  So it has a relatively compact footprint, which is great if space is tight.  And as it’s fairly lightweight it means you can move it round easily from room to room.  I like that as it means you can just buy one to start off with and switch it around different rooms, depending on where you’re spending time.  Note though that it doesn’t come with castors so will need to be lifted rather than wheeled about.

Looks-wise – I’ll be honest.  It’s not my most favorite air purifier out there in terms of design.

In my opinion it looks a little more functional than some other models I’ve reviewed which come in a big range of colors or artist design panels.  This one is predominately black, with the control buttons located on the top of the unit.

That said, those snazzier models also come with a heftier price tag!  So you need to weigh up what’s more important – how something works, or how it looks.

It’s a feature of this particular model that clean air is blown back out only one side of the front grate.

Some customers online had queried this but were reassured by the manufacturer that this is normal as the unit has a ‘squirrel cage’ design, which apparently is much better for air circulation.

How Quiet Is the Germ Guardian AC4825?

The Germ Guardian AC4825 has 3 different fan speeds – low, medium and high.

If your allergies seem particularly bad, or you’ve done something which might negatively affect your air quality (like cooking or spraying air freshener), then the high setting is recommended.  You can then switch back to medium or low once you’re happy that the air quality has improved.

This is an an area where the AC4825 is lagging a bit behind some of its competitors.

Some models now come with air quality sensors which will automatically adjust the fan setting depending on how many pollutants are detected. This means the unit only runs on high when it’s needed, and can save you money on your energy bills as well as being better for the environment.

With the AC4825 you have to manually operate the unit yourself – probably not a deal-breaker, but just a consideration to bear in mind.

In terms of noise, it performs fairly well.

40 decibels on low, 50 decibels on medium and 55 decibels on high (this handy chart gives examples of sounds at different decibel levels).

There are quieter models out there, but the general opinion among customers online is that it’s not overly noisy.

Energy Credentials

In terms of energy efficiency, the Germ Guardian AC4825 is Energy Star® certified.

The Energy Star® is a US Government-backed symbol for energy efficiency and provides reassurance to consumers looking for products which are better for the environment, and which save them money.

Regarding wattage, the AC4825 consumes 56 watts on the high fan setting, 50 on medium, and 41 on low.

What Kind of Maintenance Is Required?

Air purifiers are really simple to use but they do require a little bit of regular maintenance to keep them working efficiently and effectively.

It’s a good idea to vacuum the pre-filter every few weeks to help prolong its life, and that of the HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter shouldn’t be vacuumed.  Instead, it’s recommended that you replace it every 6-8 months, depending on your own particular usage.  If you only run the unit for a few hours a day naturally your filter will last longer than if you use it 24/7.  The unit has a built-in filter change indicator light which lets you know when a change is needed.

The UV bulb will also need to be replaced, approximately once a year. Again, there’s an indicator light on the unit which will alert you when it’s time to do this.

So, there’s a bit of capital outlay required a few times a year when you buy an air purifier.  Generally it works out the same price as a takeaway coffee or 2 a week when split over the cost of the year.  Arguably a very reasonable price to enjoy the benefits of clean, healthy air.  But do always check out the prices of replacement filters and bulbs before you buy so you know upfront what these costs will be.

What Warranty Do You Get With the Germ Guardian AC4825 Air Purifier?

The Germ Guardian AC4825 air purifier comes with a 3 year warranty which covers any manufacture defects.

I’d say that’s pretty much standard for the air purifier industry.  Some companies do offer lifetime warranties but again this tends to be for more expensive models.

Always check the small print so you’re aware of any exclusions or conditions you need to fulfil.  For example, you’ll find that your warranty will be void if you don’t use genuine replacement filters.

Customer Feedback for the Germ Guardian AC4825

The Germ Guardian AC4825 has been around for a while now and boasts thousands of satisfied customers, many of them allergy suffers who reckon their symptoms have been much reduced – and in some cases eliminated – once they started using it.

One very large popular online shopping platform has in excess of 7000 customer reviews for this model, with the majority of people rating it 4 or 5 stars.

One thing I do have to point out is that a few people have reported issues with the circuit board burning.  Safety is of course of paramount importance and you might want to do a bit more delving of your own into it.

What I would say is that it seems these incidents are very small in number and there are thousands of reviews where customers have had absolutely no problems whatsoever, even in cases where they’ve owned the unit for a long period of time.  If that doesn’t reassure you then you could always try speaking to a Germ Guardian representative yourself.

Who Would We Recommend It For?

Overall I really like this air purifier.

I’d recommend it if you have a small to medium sized space you want to purify.

If you suffer from allergies the HEPA filter and UV C light do a really great job of removing airborne contaminants and allergens.  The carbon filter has the added bonus of tackling bad smells and some potentially harmful gases that may be lingering in your indoor air.

It’s also very reasonably priced, making it a great first time air purifier buy.

It does lack some of the bells and whistles of more expensive models, such as an automatic air quality sensor.  If you’re especially into techy features – like a compatible mobile phone app – then this model might not offer you enough in that respect.

Also, if looks are of particular importance and you want something that will either be a real statement piece, or blend in seamlessly, then you may find the Germ Guardian AC4825 a little less aesthetically pleasing than some other units out there.

That said, in terms of performance it does all you need an air purifier to do, with many thousand happy customers online remarking what a positive difference it has made to their lives.

I award the Germ Guardian AC4825 3-in-1 Air Purifier an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars

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