Della Air Conditioner Review – Best For Small Rooms and a Tight Budget

It’s hot outside and you’re looking for some relief from the searing heat. You’re on a tight budget and want an air conditioner for a small room that can do the job but won’t cost a fortune.

Can the new Della Air Conditioner give you that cooling air that you need at a price that’s right?

Its price sounds a bit too good to be true. Is that really the case or is it a waste of money? We take an in-depth review of this quirky little unit.


Della is much better known for producing small kitchen appliances. They have a proven track record in producing good quality fryers, water coolers, electric pressure cookers, slicers and other everyday kitchen devices.

This model is their move into the portable air conditioner market. The question I’m guessing you’re keen to know the answer to is – “is the new model any good?”

The Della Air Conditioner is ideal for people who want to cool smaller areas and are on a limited budget

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What do you get in the box?

The first thing to notice about the unit is the small floor footprint.

It measures in at just 16 inches (w) x 22 inches (d) x 35 inches (h). This means that it takes up less floor space but isn’t overly tall, ideal for a smaller room where floor space is likely to be limited anyway. 

Overall the unit looks smart, and while perhaps not a design classic is not likely to look too out of place in any room.

In the box you get the unit itself, a window kit and extraction hose, and a remote control. All portable air conditioners need to be vented outside and the Della is no exception.

Remote Control

The remote control is basic, with no LCD, but fully functional with everything you need to control the unit while you relax on the sofa or even in bed.

You can select the mode, increase and decrease the fan, speed and temperature, and even activate the timer and sleep mode.

It’s logically laid-out buttons make it simple to understand and use so no issues here. The batteries are included so you won’t be annoyed setting the unit up only to find you need to turn the house upside down looking for a couple of AA’s!

Operating Modes

The unit has 3 operating modes. These are:

  1. Air Conditioner – cools and circulates, and if necessary dehumidifies the air – most common mode for cooling the air.
  2. Fan – circulates the air, just like a traditional fan – ideal for cooler days and saving energy if a cool breeze is all you need.
  3. Dehumidifier – circulates the air and removes excess moisture – ideal for humid areas.

What is the cooling power?

The Della is rated at 8000 BTU. This is enough power for rooms of up to 300 sq/ft.

Typically, 8000 BTU units are ideal for small studies, bedrooms, workshops, basements and games rooms that measure around 15ft by 20ft.

If your room is slightly larger than that you should consider getting a larger 10,000 or 12,000 rated unit.

Note: Be sure you are matching the unit power to the room size. If you don’t it won’t cool the air and you’ll be wasting your money.

Is it easy to install?

The plastic window extension kit and hose are well-built and fairly simple to install in most sliding windows. It’ll fit a vertical or horizontal sliding window and most people will be up and running within a few minutes.

If you have a particularly small or long window then you might have to make a few modifications, but you’ll have to do that with any of the standard kits that come with these type of portable units anyway.

There are plenty of tutorials that help guide you through this process.

What do I need to do to maintain the unit?

CleaningThere are two key things you need to do to maintain the unit:

  1. Clean the filter every couple of weeks
  2. Remove any excess water from the water collection tray

To clean the filter simply run it under hot water and then leave it to dry. The main purpose of the filter is to remove dust and other small airborne particles as the unit sucks in the warm air from the room. This air passes over the cooling coils within the machine and is then pumped back out again as cool air into the room.

The water tray is used to store any water that is removed from the air inside the room. Most of the water that is removed from the room will be blown out through the hose, but in some areas which are very humid some water can build up in this tray. Most people will only need to empty the tray a few times a season but it will depend on the conditions in the area where you live.

Warning: Don’t run the unit without the filter as you risk damaging or reducing the efficiency of the unit. If dust and other particles get into the unit it reduces how efficiently it can remove heat from the air and you’ll end up with higher electricity bills.

The unit comes with handy cable wrap hooks on the back to keep the power cable neatly stored when the unit is not being used. I’d also recommend that when the unit is being stored you buy a dust cover or sheet ( link) to prevent dust particles getting inside the unit and onto the cool coils.

Ratings and Feedback

At the time of writing this review the customer feedback has been limited but positive. There are plenty of 4 and 5-star reviews online so this is definitely a positive start at this point in time and something the company can be proud of.


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