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Hi and thanks for visiting my site and the About Me page.

You’ve most likely come to this site because you are looking for more information to help you understand what air conditioner is the best fit for you.  education-xsYou might be looking for the best deal, most reliable, smallest, cheapest or perhaps even just the one which has the coolest style for your new apartment or house. Whatever it is hopefully you’ll find exactly what you are looking for and through reading some of my articles learn some new information and insights into world of indoor air!
I’m guessing that one of the main reasons you’ve come to this page in particular is to find out a bit about the person behind this site. Hopefully, this brief profile will help.

Who Am I?
My name is Jason and I currently work and live it Scotland. Now you might be instantly asking yourself “What is someone in Scotland doing writing about Air Conditioners, isn’t is cold in Scotland?”. Well yes it can be cold here but we also get some surprisingly warm summers where an air conditioner can be just as useful as it is in some of the countries that are better known for their hot weather.
I’m an engineer and have been fascinated with the inner workings of air conditioning since learning all about the concept at University a number (too large to really remember) of years ago. I’m also a bit of a health nut. One of my interests is understanding how the environment we live and work in can impact our health and wellbeing and how we deal with some of the impact which “modern life” has on our body and mind.

Why this website?
dreamMy dream is to work from home and the Internet gives people who have this dream the opportunity to build a business and run it from anywhere in the world and I thought that creating a site which marries two areas I’m interested in would be a great idea.
It works a little bit like this.
1.) I’m interested in indoor air quality and health.
2.) I write articles on the subject and reviews on some of the products available to help people in this area.
3.) People just like you find the articles, read them, find them useful, learn something and get a clear understanding of which products are best for their situation.
4.) You click on a link to one of the products and buy it are a great price.
5.) I get a small commission and earn an income.
6.) You get a good deal on the right product for you
7.) Everybody wins, everybody is happy!

So know you know who I am and what I’m about hopefully you’ll be able to find something on the site that you find useful. If you need to get in touch then I’m always happy to hear from anyone. Just send a message through my Contact Us page.

In the mean time below are some of my recent additions to the site. Thanks for your interest in AcPulse.com.

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